Why Are The Lights Flickering?

If your lights are flickering in your house, it’s probably not quite time to call ghost busters or perform any sacred rituals. There’s tons of reasons why your lights may be doing a little dance. Some are a simple fix while others may require a professional opinion. Here’s some of the most common causes of flickering lights and when you should be concerned.

Lights Prone To Flickering

Fluorescent and LED lights are amazing for illuminating any space. Their downfall is their tendency to have issues with flickering. Fluorescents will frequently flicker within the first minute they’re turned on. This is nothing to worry about – it’s just a fluorescent bulb’s way of getting warmed up.

LEDs typically flicker when they’re not properly connected. A loose bulb could be an easy fix but if it seems more than that, you may want to take a step back from the DIY videos. Always remember to switch the light off at the breaker before starting anything.

Problems With The Switch

If you flip the switch and the light flickers, it could be a problem with the switch itself. It might seem pretty primitive, but turn the switch on and off a couple times and see if the flickering happens again or stops. If it continues, leave it off for a while before trying again. Sometimes these things have a way of working themselves out.

Loose Wiring

Loose wires are common. If you can see the wire is obviously loose and it’s something you can safely adjust, turn off the light from the power source. But, unless you’re confident in your electrical skills, it’s best to call a professional when it comes to any wiring problems. Loose wires within walls could cause major problems if not tended to.

Voltage Problems

Sometimes voltage can play a hand in that annoying flickering. If the light dims and intensifies on its own, you may have some really serious issues going on. The fluctuating voltage could cause the wires to become overcharged and jar them loose within the walls. Loose wiring is cause of concern so it’s best to turn off the light at the power source and wait for a professional to assess the situation.